Pink Floyd - 13.09.1994 Torino, Italy

Foi magnifico em 1994 ver todo este aspecto visual e sonoro desta banda ao vivo em Torino. Luzes, lasers, sons, o palco, as imagens projetadas, as cores, o ambiente carregado de fãs... tudo foi memorável e inesquecível! 

Eles ergueram aqui muitas das suas melhores canções, daquelas que carrega com muita categoria toda a história e algum do simbolismo da banda em muitíssimos detalhes ao longo do tema. Tais como, o uso de dois solos instrumentais seguidos, com guitarra e teclas, ao jeito de "Astronomy Domine" (do primeiro álbum, em 1967) e ao mesmo tempo o uso das gravações de voz humana ou citações, também já presentes em 1967. O uso de coros femininos no tema remete por exemplo para 1973 (The Dark Side Of the Moon) e os efeitos vocais com vocoder como haviam feito em 1977 (Animals), tudo isto entre tantos outros detalhes maravilhosos. Ao mesmo tempo a própria canção consegue adicionar algo de refrescante ao legado do Pink Floyd... Obra de arte.


01 - Astronomy Domine
02 - Learning To Fly
03 - What Do You Want From Me
04 - On The Turning Away
05 - Take It Back
06 - A Great Day For Freedom
07 - Sorrow
08 - Keep Talking
09 - One Of These Days
10 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
11 - Breathe

01 - Time
02 - Breathe (Reprise)
03 - The Division Bell
04 - The Great Gig In The Sky
05 - Wish You Were Here
06 - Us and Them
07 - Money
08 - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
09 - Comfortably Numb
10 - Hey You
11 - Run Like Hell

A​ Passage​ of Time​

Uma adaptação...

2014 also this week that Oshisema~tsu, super excellent sound source that emits bright shine to the missing piece that was present in the boot leg CD of Pink Floyd will emergency appearance. 60s late that Sid was there, 70s of “Animals” from the “Atom Heart Mother”, and with the 1980s of “depression” is “wall”, but press board title that symbolizes the respective era exists, was a boot leg big mystery in CD of Floyd in 1994, that is the title of the “pair / Division Bell” tour. While there just doing a huge tour in North America and Europe, “Ketteiban of this era is this!” Does not exist Masterpiece that said, it’s the time, such as an air pocket in Floyd boot history. It is unavoidable in the wondering is supposed to why such things, but one of the reasons will because there is official board “p · u · l · s · e”. However Otherwise is like a long tour in any band all is not necessarily the program is organized in the same content, it is common to leverage the performance content is within you proceed with the 1st leg, 2nd leg. Moreover, the official board “p · u · l · s · e” assembly to set as the time to choose the performance of the different day approximately every one songs from live recordings of up to August 17 – October 21 1994 direct and the “edit version of” so, there is that hard to say how the sound of the great recording sound and pleasure Mel live board a purely one performance albeit. So if accustomed to and listen to the ’94 Division Bell tour in the boot leg sound source, it is of course that it is complete recording it in unedited not patchy, speaking greed “p · u · l · s · e” and a set of recording is meant to be differences, and of course as much as possible is what arise is desire to have what appropriate to the sound quality superb decision version, is what that will grant it to the perfect is this a. In other words, in the complete recording also listen accrued songs “p · u · l · s · e” was done on organized in a different set than the “p · u · l · s · e”, only in the Division Bell tour it becomes outflow sound board sound source is the book work !!
The has been recorded than European tour due to the 1994 Division Bell, 9 月 13 日 Italy is what you have complete recording across the Turin performance in 2 hours 34 minutes in an ultra-high-quality stereo sound board recording. The far superior line recording has become been pressed on CD until now is a really mysterious, but sound source itself has appeared several times in the past. In the original release Ayanami label has issued in 2001 “TORINO 1994 SOUNDBOARD (Ayanami-115)”, this was the boot leg first appearance. Next there is a “TORINO 1994 (Amity 093)”, which was released in June 2009, this will also be home more of your memory that it was released in the upper part of version with even video. And last week, was released as our gift board to December 19, 2014 “TORINO 1994 (※ not for sale, is already out of stock)” is I will be like. And have in common to these three already issued board is,
(1) all of which are already out of print
(2) all of which are CD-R specification
(3) that skipping is present in all of them, “One Of These Days”

Would that …. But I this film to be released at the end of this week all of these three weak points that existed in each its outstanding board was cleared to perfect, has just become the definitive feel the master quality !!
This work of such ’94 only sound board is the best sound quality, but the content of collection is also a gem matching name performances. First “Gilmour Floyd” in the only play was Sid enrolled at the time of the song “Astronomy Domine” is tremendous performance that was coming back to this day even beyond the time of more than 20 years origin, depression of the overwhelming sound from early and musical diffusion is I will spread at once in the lush sound. Sound image of sharp entered The past guitar from 2 minutes 07 seconds and connect to the keyboard in a state that stand out with a jerk, is the best also contrast with the full feeling of floating vocal line. “What Do You Want From Me” in tone of the guitar that stands out and color sense of chorus to back it up is reported in outstanding sound quality, the Vaud Cali THEY tion is certainly how the Yuku move slowly deep part of the music I think that it take listening. This is also the same “On The Turning Away” that charming singing came out bleeding heavily of Gilmore, that is richly varied expression superficial changes and core part of the music rather than a whitewash, this recording is a tough sound image with a transparent feeling I me convey the Katsuaki. You will be deeply impressed by the official board “p · u · l · s · e” unreleased of “A Great Day For Freedom” sharpness and profound feeling of the rise of the performance sound in. Because while wrapped in chorus in the middle portion is also characteristic scene guitar dances will be played in the extraordinary powerful and high resolution, by all means please pay attention to this situation. “One Of These Days” is there was skipping in 6 minutes 17 seconds of the second half in each already issued panel, in this work has become like Toseru listen without perfectly that interruption in that part. For this reason, upgrade sense of recording quality as well as high sound of moisture rich and instantaneous force also will able you feel. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” in I think that it becomes your noticed that dwells overwhelming sense of transparency to the quiet part of the early stages. Because that is recorded is played at a very texture of high sound also feel of sound, there is no difference in overwhelmed by four brilliant at which scale is coming stood up trembling from 3 minutes 47 seconds to be placed as the subject of the song. Jumped three-dimensional ensemble is at the best sound quality, it is captivating of 13 minutes to continue to stimulate the imagination.
Disc 2 sound even that worked from the beginning “Breathe” the edge is rising and Guwa~tsu, the less-end to charm you enjoy disks on a disk 1 similar superb sound board. “High Hopes” which became the second single from the album at the time begins solemnly as medley that sound of that impressive bell has been inserted from 00 minutes 54 seconds end of this before in concert song “Breathe (Reprise)” but, how this spacey sound image spreads full of up, down, left and right range is exactly become a thing to embody the “Division Bell itself”, this is probably the far from listening one of the best disk 2. “Us And Them” proceeds as sound image fusion feeling is close-up of the performance of Gilmore and back, is all the more impressed you receive from the recording sound. Characteristic look with by pushing accents entered in 4 minutes 31 seconds to 34 seconds to is a rarity, is also excellent texture of sax. Flying from SE is left and right at the beginning of the register in the “Money”, again will be exerted power of stereo sound board. Or have side dish occasionally Ri enter drum is entered from the sound image upward by 2 minutes 28 seconds addition, because you sound output from the inter-play also moisture rich sound is close position of the bulge and sax chorus to be deployed in midfield, they matter and should I be agony to sound image that high sound and playing intertwined. Also for a while from the vicinity of 6 minutes 05 seconds, it would Topics also be able to listen to the performance that uses the Makuna instrument “kazoo”. “Another Brick In The Wall Part 2” in “wall” recording sound that captures brilliantly at that dark loose of the peculiar is attractive. Here I have come as a mellow sound disappears relatively sound of edge, but it should be would love involuntarily listening to how the slide into progress songs while glossy growth. “Hey You” are in is a pair melody beautifully Lok arpeggio with the singing line, I think the spirit of the Floyd with an emphasis on sound and harmony is you feel that alive here. Last lyrics “♪ we fall …” about 40 seconds in the delay processing (!!) also get to listen to endlessly fly remaining Yuku appearance also Kieiru complaints, this is also a scene that feel the power of the unique sound board. “Run Like Hell” is and footsteps to be inserted in the sound group moving device that is installed in the hall, squealing sound tire sounds of car from the right channel to the left channel, and stereo effect that again return to the right wrap this recording it is also in, making it the show end with meet listening to acoustic.
Only if Floyd in 2014 that struck the period in its history, this year in the boot leg also last Floyd title and “THE ENDLESS RIVER” do a “pair”, other than those remember the “THE DIVISION BELL” it is not considered. Excessive equalization and remastered, Hatewa this work good editing convenient is the only ’94 line recording that is not decorated at all, exactly the Floyd live in ’94 at the time, and meat in transparency preeminent close sound This is the only title that can be Sako. Also that you face from ’94 performances and squarely that was left at the best sound quality that existing is, I’ll say also that it faces the performance would have been probably the most close if there is a latest performances, it is now the opportunity to “forever” thing it should also leads to wins feelings to tHE ENDLESS RIVER tour you’ve lost. Weekend in 2014 also finally Oshisemaru now share the pros and cons time with the present work, please welcome the New Year’s Eve with the Floyd of memories that closed history. From beyond the ’94 sounding emerge at high resolution, history and age of the sound of the band that has been passed is run through like a revolving lantern, is a gem title you are able to hot the chest to the painful feelings.

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