David Gilmour "Fire Your Roadie" - Frankfurt, Germany 2006


David Gilmour
"Fire Your Roadie"

Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany 2006-03-18

recorded by T.S. from row 1 seat 7
core sound binaural micros > sharp 1 bit MD 2x speed > adobe audition > wav > flac

File:David gilmour frankfurt 2006.jpg

Disc 1:
01) Castellorizon
02) On An Island
03) The Blue
04) Red Sky At Night
05) This Heaven
06) Then I Close My Eyes
07) Smile
08) Take A Breath (interrupted)
09) Take A Breath
10) Pocketful Of Stones
11) Where We Start

Disc 2:
01) Shine On You Crazy Diamond
02) Band Introduction
03) Wot's...Uh The Deal (interrupted)
04) Wot's...Uh The Deal
05) Wearing The Inside Out
06) Fat Old Sun
07) Breathe
08) Time
09) Breathe Reprise
10) High Hopes
11) Echoes

Disc 3:
01) Wish You Were Here
02) Comfortably Numb

"They ended with Comfortably Numb. What can I say? One of the best songs, probably the best constructed guitar solo ever, played by my favourite guitarist together with a large chunk of my favourite group. Great music, great location, surprises, great experience, laughter and tears… and another free parking place - great!" http://www.pinkfloydz.com/onanisland/eu005march18frankfurtgermany.htm

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David Gilmour

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