The Cure ... And Dreams Come True In '92

 at Kilburn National Ballroom
Este álbúm da "Tour Wish" em 1992, registra uma das melhores passagens da banda, todos os aspectos lhe são favoráveis, grandes clássicos, ótima sonoridade, interpretações soberbas.
Um raro presente aos amigos do blog, que partilho com satisfação.
São destaques, "Forest", quase 20 minutos de deleite musical, a melhor interpretação de "Apart" idem "From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea"... A verdade é que o conjunto da obra é tão bom que dá  margem à várias opiniões,  o estado de espírito estende o exercício.

Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Porl Thompson, 
Williams Boris, Perry Bamonte.

Kilburn National Ballroom
London, England 1992-05-03 
1. Intro
2. Open
3. High
4. Pictures of You
5. Lullaby
6. Doing the Unstuck
7. Just Like Heaven
8. Apart
9. Night Like This
10. Wendy Time
11. The Walk
12. Let's Go to Bed
13. In Between Days
14. From the Edge of the Green Deep Sea
15. Fascination Street
1. Never Enough
2. Cut
3. Fim
4. In Your House
5. M
6. Three Imaginary Boys
7. Boys Don't Cry
8. Charlotte Sometimes
9. Primary
10. A Strange Day
11. A Forest

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And Dreams Come True in 92 captures the pure energy and emotion that an individual can experience at a Cure show. I must mention the highlight of the recording - 20 minutes of the Cure classic A Forest. Beginning with the ominous synthesizer notes , ending with Simon Gallop's fading bass and all the chaos between the two , it has quickly become one of my favorite Cure songs to hear performed live. It was slightly dissapointing to only have 11 minutes when I saw them but I can forgive. Submitted by:(Danielle Flores)This is an excellent boot. The sound quality is almost as good as Show. The second disc is also available as a separate boot. I like the extra lyrics on Lullaby and Forest is very long and just as good. The boys played a good concert that night. If you find it, get it. Submitted by: (Jeff Tomczak)This is one of the best bootlegs out there, both in sound quality, and in documenting a complete show. The artwork is a bit simplistic, but that's made up for in the quality of the recording itself. I know that KTS stopped pressing this title somewhere aroun 1994, so buy it if you are lucky enough to find it!!! Submitted by: (Carlos Espinoza)This 2 CD set brings to life the 92 tour. The sound is comparable to 'Show' and the setlist is wonderful. Buy this one if you can find it Submitted by: (Kurt)

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