David Gilmour na nova edição da Uncut

A próxima edição da revista Uncut apresenta David Gilmour na capa. A Uncut falou com Gilmour sobre seu novo álbum a bordo do barco Astoria, seu estúdio de gravação ancorado no Tâmisa.

David Gilmour fala sobre o fim do Pink Floyd, seu novo álbum "Rattle That Lock", que sai em setembro e sobre a sensação de envelhecer. "Acho que me encontrei. É meio tarde para buscar algo novo ou ao menos reaver algo perdido, eu admito", diz Gilmour.

“In some ways, I think I’ve found my feet,” Gilmour tells the magazine. “It’s quite late in life to start finding one’s feet, I must admit. Or at least, to find them again …”

Abaixo texto original do site da revista que faz uma prévia da matéria:

There are, perhaps, worse ways to spend the day. Last month, I was invited down to meet David Gilmour on his houseboat recording studio, Astoria, moored on the bank of the Thames. In a neat piece of theatre, Gilmour – accompanied by his wife, Polly Samson – appeared as if by magic in the impeccably kept grounds of Astoria; how did they do it? In truth, there’s a private tunnel designed by Capability Brown that runs underneath the road to emerge into the garden. A welcoming handshake and we were off.

Ostensibly, I was there to discuss Rattle That Lock – Gilmour’s first studio album in nine years. But during our time together, the conversation broadened out to explore Gilmour’s remarkable career, both as a solo artist and as a member of Pink Floyd.

Gilmour was a warm, courteous host. I asked his old friend Robert Wyatt for his first impressions of Gilmour, when they met over 40 years ago; it’s a description that still seems remarkably apt. “He had a patrician air that I find very unusual in rock music,” Wyatt told me. “He was dignified, witty. Grown up. I like him, but I’ve always been a little awestruck by him. Not because he’s intimidating, but you feel that he’s listening and watching. His bullshit detector is on ‘alert’ a lot of the time.”

Aside from Robert Wyatt, I also spoke to close friends and collaborators about their experiences with David down the years. I heard some terrific stories, and we also reflected on some amazing music, past and present. Oh, and David even dropped a major revelation about his future plans…

You can read our world exclusive interview with David Gilmour in the new issue of Uncut; which goes on sale in UK shops today. You can also buy it digitally by clicking here.

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