Pink Floyd ‎– Wish You Were Here / Animals Outtakes: The Original Cassette Tapes Transfer (Sigma 165)

A gravadora japonesa Sigma nesta edição traz as gravações originais, a fita mestre sem nenhum processo de masterização com a melhor qualidade possível na obtenção dos CDs. O material em fitas demo surgiu a questão de dois anos surpreendendo a todos, principalmente nós que somos fãs, e foi divulgado na época aqui no blog com maiores detalhes. Boa audição!

Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here / Animals Outtakes: The Original Cassette Tapes Transfer (Sigma 165) 
Unissued Alternate Studio Recordings 1975 - 1976: Raw & Unprocessed Versions [Stereo soundboard]

Disc 1 (44:10)
Wish You Were Here

1. Have A Cigar (partial) 
2. Have A Cigar 
3. Welcome To The Machine
4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-8) 
5. Welcome To The Machine

Disc 2 (48:23)

1. Dogs (Part 1) 
2. Synth/Click/Space 
3. Dogs (Part 2) 
4. Sheep Sound Effects, Synth/Click/Space
5. Sheep (Raving And Drooling) 
6. Pigs (Three Different Ones)

uloz.to.CD1 - (280 MB)
 uloz.to.CD2 - (277 MB)

Abaixo resenha original Sigma:

“WISH YOU WERE HERE” and “ANIMALS”, what was happening in the studio sessions of the two albums. Witness to the scene, is the emergence of direct sucked master cassette the air. This time, Omoto cassette of the kind that had been used in the field of studio work was brought in its own route. This work, not remain entirely 1 sound it’s the two sets of studio album was transferred to CD.

A few years ago, it has appeared this two studio demo / outtakes collection, also still fresh in memory of shocked the world. Although there had been constructed and tightly aware of the finished product album, this work is completely different. Studio work is recorded vividly in, there is also a recording and repetition of things that do not form the body of the song, not even trimmed in order to those people is heard again. It was just “studio-recording leave the sound of”.

In, and say whether the idea phrases are arranged as in the memo, nor is why. Unfinished while also, the mix has been, from each song is said to be seen firmly …, also appear take that was very similar to its outstanding demonstration. The relationship between the current brought the master and its outstanding demo I do not know, but perhaps what this time of the cassette will be thought that it is the wound have been kind in the studio. Despite its outstanding demonstration and take of ghosting can not affirm, work stage, sound, there is a track the performance was similar too. On top of that, there is also plenty to sound or “between” not in its outstanding demonstration. Even more than its outstanding demo, do not see things that do not have enough. This also there is no excuse, but completely speculation, extracting only the part close to someone finished product album from this cassette, heart deprived up to solve it Tour of extended the lead or not was the world out as a demo by ……… such a mystery one of you be irretrievably.

In addition, also from the natural sound too vividly, “This is what source, the starting point” can be convinced. Demo title of until now is editing marks and equalizing marks were found, not like in this work. Very extremely You have caused a faint enter era feeling of 40 years ago to hiss, series of flow is too non-editing more than anything. Unlike its outstanding demonstration that had to resemble the official album, in Sonomanma the song order also had been sealed in the actual cassette, or vacant between Omoikkiri, the same part is also or repeated. The is trial and error in the studio is entirely reproduced. If one example, of the disk 2 “Dogs”. When played in was approaching the middle part is finished, while caught fragments and clicking sound of synth sound, become silent. In this “fragment” or “between” to speculation or hesitation, such as “Let’s either put something in here,” even stand the smell. It was best if there until the conversation of the members, but even if not, the phrase one one, one one of the sound, but rather the even silence me tell breathing feeling in the studio.

And I said honestly, this film is not a musical perfection of about demo / out TAKES until now. Rather, cassette happened the air in the studio on the scene, it is a maniac 2 Disc was revived from a cassette that would have also touched Roger and Gilmore. Masterpiece “WISH YOU WERE HERE” and what is happening in the studio the “ANIMALS” went birth, whether the member was wondering what. ‘re Stuck in this work, as originally not allowed be touch only to human beings, who was involved in the production “sound”, “breath”, “smell”.

People who devote a lifetime to Floyd research, of course, ancient documents I would like also to experience for those who want to peep the “that the studio”. To behind closed doors in London, to the site of that name record us, two sets to sneak softly. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

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  1. Parabéns pelo blog, amigo, coleciono material raro de Pink Floyd há alguns anos e tenho encontrado preciosidades por aqui! Abraço.


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